Danielle Peers

Danielle Peers is an academic, public speaker, Paralympian, activist and video artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For Danielle, video making is a collaborative process of story-sharing and meaning-making that can serve to subtly shift meanings and identities for those who watch the videos, as well as for those who make them. In each of her videos, Danielle works with other video artists and performance artists to collect and create stories that de-naturalize or challenge normalizing stories of gender, disability, sexuality, race, size, class, identity and embodiment.

Danielle’s videos have played in major international festivals, as well as at local activist, arts and academic events across North America. Festival showings of her work include: Frameline: San Francisco LGBT Film Festival; Out On Screen: Vancouver Queer Film Festival; Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival; Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival; Picture This International Disability Film Festival; REELOUT Queer Film & Video Festival; Queer City Cinema: Queer Arts Festival of Regina; Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival; Balancing Acts: Calgary's Annual Disability Arts Festival, Exposure: Edmonton's Queer Arts & Culture Festival. 
Danielle is one of the founders and current directors of the Edmonton activist video collective, KingCrip Productions. Her work would not have been possible without the support, knowledge, equipment and vibrant creative communities of FAVA (the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta), and CRIPSiE (the collaboratiive radically integrated performers society in Edmonton).


And the Rest Is Drag

2009, 30:50 minutes, colour/B&W, English

G.I.M.P. Boot Camp

2008, 07:37 minutes, colour, English, also available Close Captioned