Kathy Wazana

Kathy Wazana is a Casablanca-born, Toronto-based writer, translator, editor, turned documentary filmmaker, whose current work focuses on Jewish-Arab relations in Morocco and in Israel-Palestine.  The rupture provoked by the partition of Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel is the subject of her award-winning documentary They Were Promised the Sea
With a background in politics and the labour movement, in educational television, publishing and advertising, in government, public and media relations, and in international development, in France and in Canada, In recent years, Kathy has turned her attention to studying and understanding Jewish-Arab relations through the history of Jews in Morocco and her own identity as an Arab Jew. Since 1994, she has spent several years observing and documenting the Israel-Palestine conflict and the efforts of Israeli and Palestinian women and men engaged in a variety of peace initiatives at the political, community, academic and grassroots levels, both in Canada and the Middle East.
She is currently developing an experimental, speculative documentary about Morocco’s Jewish Joan of Arc for her MFA thesis at York University.


They Were Promised the Sea

2013, 72:00 minutes, colour, French with English subtitles