kimura byol-nathalie lemoine

kimura byol-nathalie lemoine (a.k.a mihee-nathalie lemoine , kimura byol) is a multimedia artist and curator, born in korea (south), educated in belgium, and immigrated to canada.

kimura*lemoine’s visual work was exhibited solo and in group (seoul, tokyo, kyoto, hong-kong, taipei, berlin, brussels, lille, grenoble, montreal, vancouver, los angeles, new york).

zer poems, essay and critics have been published in the belgium, canada, the u.s.a., south korea and japan.
zer videos were screened in belgium, canada, england, france, germany, italy, korea, japan, hong-kong, tunisia and the u.s.

kimura*lemoine works on issues surrounding identities: diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, in-between-ness, gender, and play with words.

kimura*lemoine believes in social justice and doesn’t like capital letters.