Reginald Woolery

Reginald Woolery is a video artist and writer based in New York City. He is a graduate of the Interactive Multimedia Program at New York University and is currently a fellow at the Society of the Humanities at Cornell University exploring issues of virtuality old and new. His internet board game, Keep Your Handsa Off the Park: A Roleplaying Game in Real and Virtual Worlds looks at the intersection of digital culture and the privatization of public space. Reggie is also contributing editor to the arts and culture journal FUSE, based in Toronto. He has taught on film, video & computer art at New School for Social Research, Rutgers University, Long Island University, Cooper Union, and School of Visual Arts. He has served as a board member or administrator for Media Alliance, Media Network, Black Filmmaker Foundation, Third World Newsreel, and New American Cinema Group.


Thirty - Eighth Parallel

1992, 15:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Images 93 an exercise in temptation
by Cameron Bailey. NOW, Apr. 22, 1993, v. 12, no. 34.
In Living Color: Representation of Race and Civil Rights
by Claire Aguilar and Reginald Woolery. 1988 American Film Institute Video Festival, Oct. 27, 1988.