Walid Ra'ad

Walid Ra'ad grew up in Lebanon and has been living and working in the United States. His works include textual analysis, video and photography projects and concentrate on the Lebanese civil wars, the Arab-Israeli conflicts and documentary theory and proactive. His video works include Up to the South (Salloum/Raad) and the recently completed collection of video shorts titled The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs. His photography projects also include The Beirut Archive ( an ongoing documentary photography project of post-civil war Beirut.) Walid is also a member of The Arab Image Foundation, a foundation started in 1996 to promote historical research into the visual culture of the Arab world and to promote experimental video production in the region.


Hostage: The Bachar Tapes

2000, 18:00 minutes, colour, Arabic / English

The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs

1999, 18:00 minutes, colour, Arabic / English

Up To The South (Talaeen a Junuub)

1993, 60:00 minutes, colour, Arabic, French, English

Critical Writing

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