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Video Primer: A Series of 5 Video Programs

by Michelle Jacques

Video Primer, 2001, p. 1

Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, 2001

This is an introduction to a program guide for Video Primer, a series of five programs each focusing on a different theme. The programs ran between April 7, 2001 and March 24th 2002. This introduction talks about the growing relevence of video as a fine arts medium. In a museum setting, visitors still approach video with unease because of it's youthfullness as a fine-arts medium. Also discussed are the innovations of projecting video to cinematic proportions and the internet as a provider of wider viewership. The five themes of Video Primer are: the Medium, Television, Personal Stories, Masquerade and Language.

ITEM 2001.102 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Rιaction 26 – Charles Binamι

analog VS digital – Leslie Peters

analog VS digital – Tasman Richardson

The End (The Millenium Project) – Jubal Brown

Rubberband – David Askevold

Box Concert – Suzy Lake

La petite vision – Manon LaBrecque

Duet – Joan Jonas

Insertion – Eric Cameron

Glow – Kelly Richardson

Visual Elfs (#24) – Steve Reinke

Waiting for Commercials – Nam June Paik

Waiting for Commercials – Jud Yalkut

The True Adventure of Beaver Valley – Janice Tanaka

Ghosts & Demons – Phillip Mallory Jones

Technology / Transformation: Wonder Woman – Dara Birnbaum

Hey Madonna – Mike Hoolboom

All Smiles and Sadness – Anne McGuire

Because I Know... and You Don't – Paul Landon

Cable Xcess – Kristin Lucas

Television Delivers People – Richard Serra

A Super Natural Premiere – Kevin Kelly

The Ballad of Dan Peoples – Lisa Steele

Grandma's Big Day Out – Howie Shia

Aqtuqsi – Mary Kanuk of the Arnait Ikkajurtigiit Collective

La Salle Primary – Ho Tam

Making Fire – Ruby Truly

Comιdie – Nelson Henricks

Papillon cerise – Sylvie Lalibertι

Trip to Korea – Shigeko Kubota

A New Year – Sadie Benning

Bisexual Wannabe – Thirza Cuthand

Rut – Yudi Sewraj

Culver City Limits – Colin Cambell

Master F: There are People Who – Karma Clarke-Davis

Sweet or Salty (Madonna's Poor Days) – Ana Rewakowicz

Mr. B – Cathy Sisler

How Many Fingers? – Andrew J. Paterson

Six – Wendy Geller

Identity Crisis – Mindy Faber