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Home Video Returns

by Alexandra Juhasz and Ted Kerr

Cineaste, 2014, v. 39, no. 3

Cineaste Publishers, 2014

This conversation between video artist and activist Alexandra Juhasz and program manager at Visual AIDS Ted Kerr explores the dichotomy between mainstream filmic representations of HIV/AIDS and alternative AIDS media. Accordingly, other binaries are set up and deconstructed throughout this dialogue including those of film vs. video, fiction vs. documentary, narrative filmmaking vs. experimental mediamaking, the movie theatre vs. the art gallery, speaking for the community vs. self-representation, and historical retrospective of the AIDS crisis vs. activist intervention throughout time, from the 1980s to presently.

ITEM 2014.058 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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Boys Don't Cry

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Women’s AIDS Video Enterprise