Undeniable Evidence

Igor Vamos

1995, 30:00 minutes, colour, English


Undeniable Evidence: Five Public Art Interventions by Igor Vamos and Associates.
Grupo Baja Mar/The Low Tide Group. 1994 12:00 (English /Spanish)
An international group of artist use the unique geologic and architectural features of San Sebastian to turn the beach into a giant public billboard that wipes itself clean each day with the incoming tide. Recovering an unusual technique that was used for advertising in the city over thirty years ago, the group rakes huge designs into the sand. Three drawings at different locations on the city's beaches challenge viewers to think about surveillance and the gaze, spatial politics and development, land use and occupation in the contested territory that makes up the beach, Donostia/ San Sebastian and the Basque Country.
Human Target Flag. 1991 4:00
In response to Operation Desert Storm, an anonymous group hangs an enormous United States flag composed of human silhouette targets of a bridge directly in front of US Navy ships during war homecoming celebrations. The flag is confiscated by the Portland, Oregon sheriff's department, but the group uses a canoe to recover it from the sheriff's dock, only to hang it again two months later, this time off a downtown building during the Fourth of July parade.
Reverse Peristalsis Painting. 1990 6:00
Outside of Vice President Dan Quayle's fundraising brunch for Bob Packwood, an organized group of 24 people in ill-fitting suits engage in their interpretation of the event by vomiting in the colors of the American flag. Their old glory pukefest is a stomach wrenching condemnation of rising nationalism and political opportunism during the buildup to the gulf war.
Malcolm X St. 1990 5:00
At a time when the city is considering stripping Martin Luther King Jr.'s name off a local street, a covert organization calling itself Group X changes the name of another downtown street to Malcolm X Street in a clandestined overnight action. The results are a poetic commentary on cultural politics and commemoration that has everyone from the Mayor to the people on the street asking questions.
Canine Edible Sculpture. 1990 3:00
After overcoming initial fear, 15 dogs consume a sculpture made of 400 pounds of grisly beef bones and 80 pounds of dry dog food on a Portland Oregon football field.

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