Maia Iotzova

Maia Iotzova is a filmmaker and a media artist who grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. She immigrated to Canada and in 2002 she completed a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Guelph, Ontario. 

Maia's passion for the natural environment led her to explore documentary storytelling. She was part of a grassroots struggle to stop the construction of a four lane expressway through the large urban park Red Hill Valley in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2005 she released the activist film Grass Through Concrete, which chronicled that fight.

After that experience, she decided to pursue filmmaking and her interest turned to author cinema. She developed a personal storytelling approach that draws on her intercultural perspective and uses experimental cinema techniques. Green Dream, an exploration of our intimate relationship with nature in the urban setting, is Maia's first author film.  

Along with three other collaborators she started The Wild City Mapping Project, an open source creative map of the wild green spaces in Montreal. Her dream is to one day bring this project to Sofia, Bulgaria.


With Air and Salt, Unbreakable Health

2018, 07:42 minutes, colour, Rumansh

Vulture's Love

2016, 06:07 minutes, colour, black and white, English, Bulgarian, French

From The Outside, In - A Study of Ruse #3

2016, 05:41 minutes, colour

Green Dream

2015, 50:00 minutes, Colour, English

Grass Through Concrete

2004, 72:00 minutes, colour, English