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Domestic Disharmony: Mako Idemitsu's Psychodramas

by Mickie McGee

The Independent, Apr. 1986, pp. 16-19

This article details the woman's role in Japanese society and the ensuing problems it creates. Mako Idemitsu identifies the limited role women play in society (as mother) and explicitly details what problems arise due to the implicit boundaries: Oedipal relationships with male offspring, battles with daughter for husband's/father's attention, daughter rebelling from perfect bourgeois family, etc. Mickie McGee not only describes the works but also infers the inner psychological realities they evoke. These 'reality' videos have yet to penetrate the mass as their critical nature hits too close to home.

ITEM 1986.052 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Shadows, Parts I and IIMako Idemitsu

Animus, Parts I and IIMako Idemitsu

Hideo-Chan, Mama-YoMako Idemistu

Great Mother, Part I, HarumiMako Idemitsu

Great Mother, Part II, YumikoMako Idemitsu

Great Mother, Part III, SachikoMako Idemitsu

A Husband A Wife a LoverMako Idemitsu