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Music Notes: Iconolatry in Motion (Part II)

by Lisa Steele

Fuse, Spring 1984, v. 7, no. 6, pp. 249-254

In the Spring 1984 Issue of Fuse Magazine, Lisa Steele writes the fourth article, which is itself the second in a two-part text, of her Snakes and Ladders series. Steele examines over 80 popular music videos of the time and analyzes their content with a particular focus on the image of women and according to nine categories she identified: recession imagery, music is revolution, domestic relations, power of women, post-apocalypse imagery, older women, surveillance, no women, women as props. This article deals with the last five categories after a statement clarifying a change in her approach with regard to the image of women. Steele states the shift as reflective of the fact that she found no single image of women, but rather multiple representations of women individually and within groups.

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