Critical Writing Index

Video Stars

by Scott Lingley

FAVA Scope, 2005, pp. 22-25

A brief chronological timeline detailing the history of video art. From the beginnings of Nam June Paik's Portapak, through the Vasulkas, Nauman, Wegman, and Etra to Matthew Barney. A short look at Canadian video history through Paul Wong, Richard Fung and Colin Campbell. Also describes some of the advancements of technology which made video art possible.

ITEM 2005.123 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Nam June Paik

Bob Crane

Woody Vasulka

Vito Acconci

William Wegman

Bill Etra

Steve Rutt

Kate Craig

Ordinary ShadowsPaul Wong

Dirty LaundryRichard Fung

Steina Vasulka

David Hoffos

Janet Cardiff

Place Called LovelySadie Benning

Chinese ShadePaul Wong

Chinamans PeakPaul Wong

Walking the MountainsPaul Wong

School FagRichard Fung

Cremaster CycleMatthew Barney

Laurie Anderson

Bruce Nauman

Colin Campbell

Man Ray