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Alphabyte Cities: The Architecture of Peter Callas

by Ross Harley

Art + Text, Spring 1988, no. 28, pp. 74-81

Issues of electronic visual culture, popular culture, commercialism, and urbanity are found in the works of Peter Callas. Urban Japan is discussed as the apex of public and commercial visual space conjoined into spectacle. "Peter Callas' videos, by precise electronic manipulation of these ideogrammatic objects, situate themselves within an 'architectonics' of meaning which denies the objectness of the urban environment's subject matter, while at the same time avoiding the obvious misappropriation of such art by commerce".

ITEM 1988.091 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Kinema No Yoru (1986)Peter Callas

Karkador (1986)Peter Callas

The Esthetics of Disappearance (1986)Peter Callas

If Pigs Could Fly, the Media Machine (1987)Peter Callas

Our Potential Allies (1980)Peter Callas

Cutting Like the Ocean (1983-6)Peter Callas

Osamu Tezuka

Andy Warhol

Marcel Duchamp