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Video Sampler

by Ruth Askey

Artweek, July 2, 1977

Southland Video Anthology is a diverse collection of video art performances shown at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art.

It includes the work of Linda Montano, David Lamelas, Joan Logue, Lisa Steele, Rabyn Blake and various other north american video and peformance artists.

In Linda Montano's Excerpts From Learning to Talk Featuring Jane Gooding, R.N., the artist recites her dialogue in a deadpan british accent while performing various medical procedures on herself.

David Lamelas's The Hand conveys a murder through a fake newscast and Lisa Steele's Atlanta, Georgia/ Cold Springs Harbour, Long Island is a portrait of a microbiologist and tumour researcher who speak dispassionatley about their jobs and private lives.

ITEM 1977.010 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Excerpts From Learning To Talk Featuring Jane Gooding R.N.Linda Montano

The HandDavid Lamelas

Atlanta, Georgia/ Cold Springs Harbour, Long IslandLisa Steele

Valentine PortraitsJoan Logue

Pease PorridgeRabyn Blake