Critical Writing Index

International Experimental Film Congress 1989

by Jack Chambers, Howard Guttenplan and Burgut and Wilhelm Hein

Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), 1989

ISBN/ISSN 0-919-777-75-9

Catalogue accompanying an international festival, the International Experimental Film Congress, which saw the screening of hundreds of films by experimental film makers from around the world from May 28 to June 4, 1989. Catalogue contains preface, acknowledgements, an introduction, artist profiles and the titles and summary of each of the works shown in each screening, video stills, descriptions of the panel discussions, panelists and moderators present at each discussion, advertisements for artist-run-centres and media arts organizations of the time and more.

ITEM 1989.132 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Tom Graff

David Rimmer

Robert Breer

Stan Brakhage

Pat O'Neill

Joyce Wieland

Hollis Frampton

Renato Poggioli

Jonas Mekas

Dimitry Belopsky

Lisa Mileas

Michael Hoolboom

Frances Leeming

Sylvain L'Esperance

Brenda Longfellow

Gama Bak

Bryan Sutton

Ian Doncaster

Caroline Avery

Jon Moritsugu

Bradley Eros

Aline Mare

Mary Filippo

Lewis Klahr

Phil Solomon

Mara Muttuschka

Orlagh Mulcahy

Moira Sweeney

Regine Steenbock

Cleo Uebelmann

Claudia Schillinger

Edn Emshwiller

Rudy Burkhardt

Amy Greenfield

Walter Gutman

Chris Gallagher

James Broughton

Sandra Davis

Peter Tscherkassky

Guy Sherwin

Cecil Fontaine


Martin Sercombe

William English

Jean Michel Bouhours

Chris Welsby

Rose Lowder

Michael Wallin

Raymond Red

Cesar Hernando

Ian Victoriano

Danton Wieneke

Raymond Trinidad

At Maculandan

Louie Quirino

Donna Sales

Mike Alcazaren