Vtape is Canada’s leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art and media works. Featuring over 5,000 video works by more than 1,000 artists, Vtape’s diverse collection includes Canadian and international works from the early 1970s to the present. We serve a diverse international client base of galleries and museums, media arts festivals, screening programs, educational institutions, broadcasters, and multiple platforms, acting on behalf of independent video artists working outside of mainstream commercial production and distribution systems.

Vtape booth at the LOOP Fair, Barcelona, 2009

Vtape booth at the LOOP Fair, Barcelona, 2009

Vtape’s distribution collection represents a wide range of styles, genres and subjects, encompassing experimental and conceptual video art, documentary and social activist works, performance art and its documentation, works dealing with human rights, feminism and LGBTQ issues, animation, and narrative and educational videos. Over the past two decades, Vtape has developed a key specialization in representing works by Aboriginal artists from Canada and other territories. The entire distribution collection can be searched through our on-line video catalogue search.

As a distributor, Vtape primarily serves exhibitors such as festivals, galleries and museums, as well as libraries, educational institutions, community groups and broadcasters. Our staff can offer our expertise to help clients identify those works in the collection most relevant to your festival or exhibition, broadcast platform, educational curriculum, critical writing, or any other area of research.

As a not-for-profit organization, Vtape returns seventy percent of all distribution revenues earned to the artists whose work we represent. Vtape determines all contract terms, rental and sale prices and related exhibition criteria in consultation with the artist.