Vol. 996 - a collection of short works

Jinhan Ko

1996, 30:00 minutes, colour, English


1. post card #1, 9:00
an ambient video, a bus load of Japanese tourists arrive at this look out point (just down the hill from the Banff Centre) where they can take pictures of The Banff Springs Hotel midst the Rockies then they get back into the bus.
2. post card #2, 1:30
a video postcard, a shot of hotel room in the west, a bed is neatly made and I believe it is now time to go to sleep. Made at the Banff Centre, 1996. Especially dedicated to Dean Adams an amazing artist who never slept in his bed.
3. Jin's Banana House Trailer; I wish I was a candy boy, 1:00
a showcase for Jin's Banana House performance on the road
4. Bunny Hop, 3:00 an ambient video, a toy bunny rabbit hops and jumps.
5. Moments of Loss #1, 2:00
a short narrative video about moments of loss, a moment of shift, featuring Robert Lee (Toronto based video and filmmaker) and narrated by John deFazio (extraordinary object maker from New York City).
6. The Soft Shoulders, 6:00
Jin's Banana House's follow up of Jin's Banana House on the road... about more road trips, being a bad driver, personal theories about the west and Jackie Chan.
7. Tell me what you wanna hear 3:00
a Jin's Banana House performance for the camera, everything is so great...
8. I used to be a vegetarian, 2:00
a short autobiographic video piece about a once vegetarian...
9. Moments of Loss #2, 1:00
a short narrative video about artists practice juxtaposed with moments of childhood's loss like dropping ice cream cone.
10. how Jin's Banana House artist meets the custodian artist, 1:00
a short video tape about institutional living; at the Banff centre Jin's Banana House proposed if that he swap places for a day with a custodian... this is what is left.

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