ISUMA, Norman Cohn and Zacharias Kunuk

2015, colour, Inuktitut, French & English subtitles


This elegant, compact boxed set of 32 DVDs (with 33 titles) represents more than 20 years of Inuit films by Zacharias Kunuk and Igloolik Isuma Productions. Suitable for schools, universities, libraries, museums, and collectors of Inuit art, the Isuma Inuit Classic Collection comprises the most complete media collection of any Indigenous culture in history, made by its own members in its own language! (All titles include English & French subtitles.)

This DVD collection includes the complete Nunavut trilogy: Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), winner of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival Camera d’or, and voted the All-Time Number One Canadian film in a 2015 Toronto International Film Festival poll; The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, Opening Night selection of the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival (complemented by an in-depth documentary about its making); and Before Tomorrow, the multiple-award-winning first feature by the Arnait Video Collective. Also included is the complete Nunavut (Our Land), a groundbreaking 13-episode TV series, and 16 additional short films and documentaries, among them Kiviaq vs Canada, Kunuk Family Reunion, My First Polar Bear, Shaman Stories, Urban Inuk, Exile, and Isuma’s first youth drama, Issaituq (Waterproof), co-produced with Igloolik’s Artcirq Youth Group.

Complete Title List:

Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), 2001, Duration: 161:00

Journals of Knud Rasmussen, 2006, Duration: 112:00 + "Making of" 49:00

Before Tomorrow, 2008, 92:00

Inuit Piqutingit (What Belongs to Inuit), 2006, Duration: 49:00

Episode 1: Qimuksik (Dog Team), 1994, Duration: 28:50

Episode 2: Avaja (Avaja), 1994, Duration: 28:50

Episode 3: Qarmaq (Stone House), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 4: Tugaliaq (Ice Blocks), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 5: Angiraq (Home), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 6: Auriaq (Stalking), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 7: Qulangisi (Seal Pups), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 8: Avamuktulik (Fish swimming), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 9: Aiviaq (Walrus Hunt), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 10: Qaisut (Polar Bear Island), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 11: Tuktuliaq (Caribou Hunt), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 12: Unaaq (Harpoon), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Episode 13: Quviasukvik (Happy Day), 1995, Duration: 28:50

Qaggiq (Gathering Place), 1989, Duration: 58:00

Nunaqpa (Going Inland), 1991, Duration: 58:15

Saputi (Fish Traps), 1993, Duration: 30:30

Nanugiurutiga (My First Polar Bear), 2000, Duration: 48:00

Ajainaa! (Almost!), 2001, Duration: 52:00

Artcirq, 2001, Duration: 52:00

NIPI (Voice), 1999, Duration: 51:00

Arviq! (Bowhead!), 2002, Duration: 52:00

Angakkuiit (Shaman Stories), 2003, Duration: 52:00

Kunuk Family Reunion, 2004, Duration: 48:00

Qallunajatut (Urban Inuk), 2005, Duration: 48:00

Unakuluk, dear little one, 2005, Duration: 46:00

Kiviaq Versus Canada, 2006, Duration: 46:49

Exile, 2009, 46:45

Issaittuq (Waterproof), 2007, Duration: 45:00
407, 2006 Duration: 9:00

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