Elizabeth Chitty

Elizabeth Chitty is an interdisciplinary artist born in 1953 in St. Catharines, ON. Since 1975, she has created performance, video and installation works. Her performance work has had 4 phases: works influenced by conceptual art and the multidisciplinary climate of the 70s in Canadian artist-run centres (1975-82); epic spectacles with multiple slide projections (1983-90); landscape-based, in which the audiences followed walks and trails (1992-97), and the current phase of voice and movement, digital visuals and spatialized sound expressing social issues. Her single-channel video works were exhibited widely in the late 70s and 80s including at the 11e Biennale de Paris (1980) and the opening of the National Gallery of Canada (1988). Her video installations were exhibited at the Niagara Artist Company in the 1990s. Her most recent work is Song For a Blue Moon (premiere at Tangente danse contemporain in Montréal in 2004). This performance incorporates text, voice, dance, stored and live capture video and stills mixed with Max/MSP and Jitter software, and sound spatialized through 8 speakers with music by Wende Bartley and Darren Copeland. It. She has taught at The School of the Toronto Dance Theatre since 1991 and is currently working on a multidisciplinary web-streaming project with RAFT, the homeless youth shelter in St. Catharines where she lives. Her most recent published texts are in Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women.


David Buchan: man-about-town

1996, 22:00 minutes, colour, English

T.V. Love (a made for tv love story)

1982, 03:40 minutes, colour, English

Desire Control

1981, 12:00 minutes, colour, English

Telling Tales

1979, 26:45 minutes, colour, English

Demo Model

1978, 21:19 minutes, colour, English

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