Vincent Chevalier

Vincent Chevalier is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto. His practice melds autobiography, documentary research and appropriated media to construct uncanny works on screen. Known for his videos and digital interventions on queer themes and HIV/AIDS, his works have exhibited internationally.


A Vancouver

2016, 34:54 minutes, colour, English/French w/ bilingual subtitles.


2010, 05:12 minutes, colour, English

So... when did you figure out that you had AIDS?

2010, 05:36 minutes, colour, English


2008, 10:43 minutes, colour, Silent

Critical Writing

The Time of Camp, or, Camp as Ruin
by Ricky Varghese. The Word Hoard, Jan 2015, v. 1, no. 3. Arts and Humanities Commons, 2015.
Home Video Returns
by Alexandra Juhasz and Ted Kerr. Cineaste, 2014, v. 39, no. 3. Cineaste Publishers, 2014.