Vtape produces a number of publications each year to accompany our artistic programming.

These publications include essays that highlight Canadian and international video works as well as provide a more complex interpretation of video art in a contemporary critical discourse.

Publications flipping

Newly commissioned writing by emerging voices as well as senior critical contributors from both the academic and cultural milieu deepen our appreciation of video art production and practice in beautifully designed small books for download:

Curatorial Incubator

C.I. v.15 What the F**k?! Video in the Age of Sublime Uncertainty, 2018 (pdf)
C.I. v.14 All Is Well on the Border, 2017 (pdf)
C.I. v.13 The Job of Life, 2016 (pdf)
CI v.12 A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Brat, 2015 (pdf)
CI v.11 Stop with the Performance Already!, 2014 (pdf)
CI v.10 Splintering Time, Fragmenting Space: Jorge Lozano, 2013 (pdf)
CI v.9 The Rest is Real: Aleesa Cohene, 2012 (pdf)
CI v.8 Suspicious Futures: Susan Britton, 2011 (pdf)
CI v.7 Frak Facebook: Celebrating the Anti-Social, 2010 (pdf)
CI v.6 The Dark Arts: Magic + Intuition, 2009 (pdf)
CI v.5 What’s Up Doc?: Video and Animation, 2008 (pdf)
CI v.4 That 80s Show, 2007 (pdf)
CI v.3 First Nations Curatorial Incubator, 2005 (pdf)
CI v.2 Curatorial Incubator Round II, 2005 (pdf)
CI v.1 Curatorial Incubator, 2002 (pdf)

imagineNATIVE Collaborations

Thirza Cuthand: Medicine and Magic, 2020 (pdf)
Dawsoma: Making Meaning, 2019 (pdf)
Of the Moment In the Moment, 2014 (pdf)
Aboriginal Digital Access Project, 2012 (pdf)

Aboriginal Screen Culture: Celebrating 10 years of imagineNATIVE, 2009 (pdf)
Culture Shock, 2008 (pdf)
The Double Entendre of Re-Enactment, 2007 (pdf)
3 Women Curators, 2002 (pdf)

Programming Related Publications

Glitch and Figure, 2020 (pdf)
Empty History, 2019 (pdf)
Sincerely, Warmly, 2019 (pdf)
MZINKOJIGE WAABANG (To Carve Tomorrow), 2011 (pdf)
Mid-Life Shelf-Life, 2010 (pdf)
Video Ground Zero, 2002 (pdf)

Tranz<–>Tech Catalogues (1999, 2001, 2003)

Tranz<–>Tech 2003 catalogue
Tranz<–>Tech 2001 catalogue
Tranz<–>Tech 1999 catalogue