Jonathan Culp

Jonathan Culp is a filmmaker, curator, writer, musician and archivist. They have produced, directed and edited over 40 short films and videos, as well as two ‘underground’ features. Much of their work, like “A New Place To Dwell,” is based on the appropriation and recontextualization of found footage imagery. Their “Taking Shelter” feature is a narrative-based phantasmagoria of forgotten Canadian VHS tapes.

Culp maintains a large archive of analog media, including thousands of 16mm films and hundreds of super 8 films. These comprise the visual source material of a recent series of multiscreen installation projects. Culp has exhibited rare and unusual films in many contexts, including the popular and long-running “Classroom Film” night at Toronto’s Trash Palace. Unpopular Arts is their vehicle for exploring creative uses of historic and abandoned cinematic ephemera.

Culp has written about film for many publications including Now Magazine, POV, Broken Pencil and His web site is


I Regret

2018, 07:29 minutes, colour, English

Projections (compilation)

2016, 120:00 minutes, colour, English

It Can Happen Here (compilation)

2016, 112:00 minutes, colour, English

How Does It Work? (compilation)

2016, 92:57 minutes, colour / b&w, English

A New Place to Dwell

2016, 45:00 minutes, colour, No language

Taking Shelter

2014, 83:18 minutes, colour, English

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (compilation)

2006, 89:49 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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It's All Rights Ma I'm Only Watching
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