Daniel Kötter

Daniel Kötter’s work oscillates deliberately between different media and institutional contexts, combining techniques of structuralist film with documentary elements and experimental music theater. It was shown in numerous galleries, video festivals, concert halls and theatres all over Europe,USA, Canada, Mexico and Nigeria

Daniel Kötter takes on the role of director, filmmaker, researcher or composer to relate to the issues of the art system in the public sphere, to what is the network of actors which activate the understanding and role of images, institutions and artistic practice.

Kötter’s new series of installations, films, and discursive work on urban and socio-political conditions of performativity has been under development since mid-2010 under the title state-theatre: Lagos/Teheran/Berlin/Detroit/Beirut/Mönchengladbach (with Constanze Fischbeck).


communal retreat

2012, 14:52 minutes, colour, English

state-theatre #4: DETROIT

2012, 53:38 minutes, colour, English


2012, 13:00 minutes, colour


2012, 17:59 minutes, colour

Neues Theater

2012, 43:00 minutes, colour, Polish with English Subtitles


2011, 11:00 minutes, colour

state-theatre #1: LAGOS, #2: TEHERAN, #3: BERLIN (DVD Compilation)

2011, 71:31 minutes, colour, English, Farsi, German with English Subtitles

state-theatre #3: BERLIN

2011, 22:13 minutes, colour, German with English Subtitles

state-theatre #2: TEHERAN

2011, 24:43 minutes, colour, Farsi with English Subtitles

Arbeit und Freizeit (3) – Die Glückliche Hand

2011, 45:18 minutes, colour, German with English Subtitles

state-theatre #1: LAGOS

2010, 24:35 minutes, colour, English

Arbeit und Freizeit (2) – Fiesta y ensayo

2009, 24:55 minutes, colour, German, Spanish, English Subtitles

Arbeit und Freizeit (1) – Solitude

2009, 62:39 minutes, colour, German with English Subtitles

Film für übers Sofa

2009, 11:37 minutes, colour

side effect

2009, 02:23 minutes, colour, Silent

schutzfilm - Thaumatrope

2009, 07:49 minutes, colour, Silent

First approach (2)

2008, 10:44 minutes, colour, Silent

First approach (1)

2008, 09:23 minutes, colour, Silent


2007, 07:51 minutes, colour, Silent

Ein Kinderspiel

2007, 17:55 minutes, colour, Silent


2006, 07:46 minutes, colour

pars pro toto.studie

2006, 02:13 minutes, colour, Silent

Aufschläge – Kanon

2004, 02:27 minutes, colour